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Welcome to Revealed Images... Why have a boudoir session? A boudoir session is a great excuse to get glamorous. Albums and photos that Reveal your beauty make special birthday or anniversary gifts for your significant other. And sometimes the pampering, relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous photos from a boudoir session are the perfect gift for your eyes only. When you book a session with Revealed Images, you'll get a personal consultation to discuss wardrobe and location. Your comfort and privacy are my top priorities. Your prints will be handled by professional labs only, and all consultations will be discreet. Your photos are confidential - all images shown on this site are displayed only with permission from my client. Hope to see you soon....

I love it when ladies support a team their men love too – A cropped Michigan State t shirt make a sexy photo!
Thank you so much for allowing me to share you photos – your are such a doll!

2014-07-11_0001.jpg 2014-07-11_0002.jpg

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Outdoor boudoir | Kalamazoo Michigan

Posted on June 26, 2014

Many of you have probably met Miss Angela – she does a lot of my clients makeup and helps them see how gorgeous they are! Well Angela herself is quite gorgeous and I’ve been dying to get out of the studio and change things up a bit. Our shoot started out pretty normal but I’m not sure we got 10 mins into it before the rain came and let me tell you it came!! So instead of bagging the shoot and running for cover we rolled with it! Heres the dry befores, I’ll share the wet afters later 🙂


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Miss S | Kalamazoo Michigan Boudoir

Posted on June 11, 2014





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Miss K wanted a special gift for her groom and I loved that she brought along her veil and some adorable white stockings. I heard he loved it 😉




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I always encourage ladies to let me know their loved ones reaction when the boudoir album is given as a gift. Its kind of sad I never get to see that ‘reveal’ SO I love it when I open my email its a note like this:

Hi Shannon,
I receive the book last night in time for my husbands birthday. There was pure shock on his face when he looked through it. He keeps repeating “this is so out of character for you!” He wants me to do a book every 5 years at least! He loves it. Best gift ever! Thank you so much.

Just sharing one little anonymous image from her session 😉

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Miss M | Kalamazoo Michigan Boudoir

Posted on April 16, 2014

Miss M came in a bit nervous (which is very normal). I love to see the progression of confidence as a client relaxes and gets more comfortable with me and the session. When we were looking over her outfits she was leaning more conservatively and said well if I’m feeling brave for my last one I’ll do this (pointing to an outfit)….well needless to say the last outfit was nothing but a pretty white sheet. That’s the thing I hear over and over “you made this so much more comfortable than I imagined” so when you tell me your ‘excited but nervous’ just know that’s perfectly normal. Enjoy…


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My Level Up! workshop | boudoir

Posted on March 29, 2014

This past week I attended a Level Up | Boudoir Masterclass workshop, instructed by Petra of Bella Boudoir
Myself and 5 other photographers meet up in the amazing studio of Columbus Boudoir. The first day we all came a bit early and yes I finally stepped in front of the camera…I’ll share a few of those in another post 😉 Then onto two days of intense learning and shooting. We shot with four fabulous ‘models’ (and when I say model, I mean 4 regular women who answered a call on facebook). They were all so gracious to put up with us! I’ll share a few of each of them for you….lets start with Lady B

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Inside my own hypocrisy….

Posted on January 17, 2014

Inside my hypocrisy….
Why don’t you do a session, I often ask? And what do I hear back?

I don’t look like those girls
I’m not photogenic
I need to lose 15 pounds
I’ve had kids
I don’t know what I’ll do with the photos
It’s not in the budget
And the list goes on….
I hear this from potential clients, my friends, friends of clients, everyone!
I hear these excuses ALL the time and I have a rebuttal for each one! I feel in my heart if you want to be here (at the studio) and come in with an open mind and trust me, you’ll leave walking a little taller. You’ll feel a lot sexier and super empowered.

I stress to ladies that ANYONE can do this! And I’ll help you every step of the way. You pick outfits that flatter you and I’ll use poses/lighting/camera angles to do the same!

Well, I’m a hypocrite. Yes that’s right; I talk the talk but haven’t walked the walk. Why?

I don’t look like those girls
I’m not photogenic
I need to lose 15 pounds
I’ve had kids
It’s not in the budget
And the list goes on….
Many of my clients have asked me if I’ve done a session, my response no. WHY? Well umm…what do I say to that? There is no good answer to justify why. Although I will say, I’m always a little surprised and flattered that you beautiful ladies would actually think I could do what you do! Because remember, I’m the exception, I’m not like you lovely ladies. My hats off to you for being so brave, confident and trusting!

Most recently I had a client who was shocked and mentioned it every time we met and encouraged me to do it….oh the irony.

So I’m done being a hypocrite, ladies I want to be like you, I want to be pampered and feel beautiful. I want to celebrate being a woman!
And I know exactly what I’m going to with my photos! A lil album, some large framed portraits for my bedroom, maybe even some for my bathroom, a few wallets for my friends and family…ok maybe I’m getting a little carried away.

Anyways I’m on the hunt for the photographer that’s perfect for me. Someone experienced in ‘curvy’ girls and that matches the style that I’m looking for. I’m thinking I will be booking for March or April so we can all get thru valentines and recover! Plus I’ve got to save my pennies (or dollars ) I also have braces for a few more months and want them off for my photos (I think that’s a legit reason to wait just a couple months).

Don’t worry; I’ll share all about my experience as well give you a little peek!

Now off to Pinterest……Heres a peek at my board so far, let me know if you have suggestions 😉 http://www.pinterest.com/shannonjacobs28/my-shoot/

And my favorite image, because it just makes a blog post better. Sorry I couldn’t find who to give photo credit to!

Curvy girl boudoir

Curvy girl boudoir

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