Posted on November 16, 2013

Lady L has been working hard on her health and fitness and it shows 😉 I often feel like I’m friends with my clients and we do become, at minimum ‘aquaintances’ but lady l is someone I would call a friend. Just another perk to my job, meeting so many fabulous ladies! Enjoy xo….

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Posted on November 11, 2013

Angela is one of my lovely makeup artists, if you book a session you may just get to meet her 🙂 She’ll be around the blog from time to time giving us some great tips on beauty and makeup! Be sure to let her know you loved her debut post….

Hello you gorgeous ladies!

This is my first blog so I’m very excited to share all my tips with you! Wish I could put every favorite product in this first blog but… I don’t want to spend all my cash and prizes in the first round 😉

My topic on this post is “How to look amazing for your Photo shoot” … Today we are focusing on your beautiful body and how to emphasize and perfect what you are already rocking 🙂

I have three very simple steps and three products that are a must have, I don’t work for any company that makes these product girls… This is from my own personal experience and working with these on photo shoot, wedding shots, etc… So are we curious yet? Here goes! Angela Todd’s foolproof 3-day body regime for your most amazing self!

Day one: epsome salt bath (yes the old fashioned $2 bag you can buy anywhere) in the hottest water you can stand. Relax in this bath for as long as you can stand it. Eliminates puffiness, extra water bloat, and as an extra bonus it helps with sore muscles.
epsom salt
Follow with this product called Fat Girl Slim on your legs and Fat Girl Six pack on your tummy. Before you hate me, I KNOW this product has a terrible name!! I hate it also!!! However, it has some key ingredient that are proven to tighten and tone skin. I’ve used it and have gotten clients feedback as well and its reasonably priced and it works!


Day two repeat above.

Day 3 repeat the lotions and then use Tarte Maracuja Body Glow all over. This stuff is amazing, ladies. It’s not only rub proof but waterproof so next time you are in a bathing suit… Hell yeah! Bring it on! User tip: Let dry before dressing 😉
All available online or at Ulta.

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Until next time stay gorgeous! Xoxo, Angela

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